Chapter 3: A Special Occasion : Part 1Mature

Glass exploded into the room as Mathew rolled through the window and rose to his feet in one fluid motion. His shotgun, firm in his shoulder, swung it’s business end briskly toward each corner while machine gun fire rang loudly from outside. Glass shards thrown from his clothing fell glittering to the floor as he cleared what he discovered was a childrens bedroom. Once satisfied, he turned to the window, slung the shotgun on his back and leaned through the opening. “Let’s move!” He said, putting his arm forward to help pull in the others.
Mackenzie and Tim hung precariously from a pipe housing electrical wiring as Alain remained on the ground, firing into the oncoming crowd of infected.
Mackenzie extended his arm. As they locked their forearms in each others grasp Mackenzie could see Mathew’s eyes squint through the gasmask lenses. Even though his face was hidden, Mackenzie knew the exact expression Mathew bore at that moment; one of physical strain and mental stress. He could almost hear the curse words that Mathew was no doubt reciting in his mind at this very moment.
Mathew fell backward into the room as Mackenzie rolled awkwardly in, both of them grunting in deep labored breaths from the strain of their recent activity. “Fuck man!” Mackenzie complained to himself as he returned to the window to help Timothy. “Take hold!”
Tim knocked the shards of glass off the bottom of the window frame and pulled himself up with Mackenzies help. He then sat, straddling the window frame. “Al, move your ass!” He yelled, reaching down with his free arm, his other being held by Mackenzie so that he could reach as far as possible without falling.
Alain fired one last burst before rising to his feet. He threw the machine gun up to Timothy’s waiting hands.

The End

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