Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 17Mature

Just as he ran out of rounds in his M14, one of them raced up toward them.
Mathew turned the corner and opened fire, sending pellets hurtling toward the closest runner. The side of its face exploded into a mist.
“Reloading.” Mackenzie yelled as he dropped the empty magazine and loaded a new one.
“Let’s get moving!” Mathew yelled to the other two. He watched as Alain picked up the fire with the M16A2 while Timothy got up from the prone and began to run in their direction.
“Go go go!” Alain yelled as he stopped firing and sprinted toward them.
“To the house!” Mackenzie yelled, “It’s the only option!”
Mathew fired another sell into the crowed, downing four, of which three returned to their feet. They were too far for the buckshot.
“Run!” Alain yelled, switching weapons with Timothy.
The four ran toward the home, a trail of infected close on their tail.
Somewhere in the distance, the rumbling sound of an aircrafts engines was audible, but for now, all the four could hear was the sucking of air through gas masks, and the explosion of gunpowder.

The End

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