Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 16Mature

“I agree completely.” Mathew said, reaching to Mackenzie to have his shotgun returned to him.
Mackenzie saw his outstretched hand in his peripheral vision and handed it back, without even looking in his direction. “Cover me from the second one, I’ll take this guy out.” Mackenzie began to walk toward the shambling corpse who in tern made its way toward him. He raised an arm and prepared to strike when the hurried footsteps echoed from behind him. He spun around, anticipating the other. Instead he witnessed Mathew strike the woman in the side of the head with the but of his shotgun. She collapsed to the floor. Mackenzies attention returned to the one before him who had only taken half a step in the time that had passed. His arm, already at its apex, fell toward the creature. One strong stroke had the blade cleave cleanly into its skull. The softened tissue split open easily, revealing the intricate sponge like structure of the Cordyceps fungus that had consumed the majority of its brain.
Mathew struck the woman several more times in the skull before it split open, grey matter spewing out on to the concrete floor. He then looked up at Mackenzie, who had already dispatched the slow one. “Ready to go?” he asked.
“Very much so.” Mackenzie replied, wiping the filth from his blade. As he turned to make his way back to Mathew, the familiar burst of a machine gun resonated throughout the garage.
They both looked at each other for a very brief moment before they broke into a sprint toward the hole in the wall.
The machine gun fire continued as they hastily jumped through the way they had come in and ran toward the corner of the building. When they turned the corner they saw both Alain and Timothy firing down the side of the building toward the street.
Mackenzie turned to look behind them, he didn’t even bother verbally warning Mathew, but instead raised his weapon and began to fire into the mass of bodies that flowed toward them along the wall.
The bodies began to fall, but Mackenzie couldn’t stop them all, and the faster ones were closing in.

The End

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