Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 15Mature

“Pretty.” Mathew said mockingly, to the smears that canvassed the windshield. He began to climb into the driver side, “Cover me.” he said, while throwing Mackenzie the shotgun. It would be useless in the tight confines of the ambulance.
Mackenzie caught the shotgun and slung his M14, bringing the shotgun to bear. “Check.” He said, letting Mathew know he was ready.
Mathew drew his pistol and made his way to the rear of the ambulance. There was a lot of blood, enough for more than one person to have bled out, or perhaps blood packs had exploded during the crash. It didn’t matter. Mathew got busy looking for anything of use. He saw some Epinephrine autoinjectors in a case and quickly snatched them up and stuffed them into his bag.
“Matty.” Mackenzie said, from the driver side.
“What?” Mathew said, as he continued to grab other useful things from the stores within the ambulance.
“I’ve got a slow one here.” Mackenzie said, as he watched a corpse wearing a paramedic uniform slowly rise from behind some farm equipment. “Hopefully he’s alone.”
“Well I hope you don’t make any loud noises.” Mathew said taking the last of the useful contents of the ambulance and making his way back out toward the driver seat. As he climbed into the front of the vehicle motion caught his attention and his head shot to the right. Out the passenger window, a woman stood watching him. White spines dangled behind her head, they had grown through her clothing. Her face was swollen on the left side, and partially missing on the right, spherical fungal structures attempted to fill the hole in her face unsatisfactorily. “Got one on the passenger side of the door too Mack, don’t know if she’s slow yet, she’s just standing here.” he said, his pistol trained on her forehead in case she pounced.
“Best thing would be to get rid of them quietly.” Mackenzie said, sliding the Kukri out of its sheath.

The End

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