Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 14Mature

Mathew moved forward behind Mackenzie as they made their way toward the ambulance cautiously. They were worried about the house to the south, hoping that it was truly abandoned and that they wouldn’t have to deal with the possibility of its inhabitants ruining their day.
Mackenzie was out of breath, he stopped for a moment and dropped to a knee. “I’m sorry Matty. I don’t think I should have started moving so quickly after that incident yesterday. I’m still feeling pretty lousy. You’ll have to take point, I need a second.”
“Alright.” Mathew said, moving past him slowly, shotgun at the ready. He stopped a few feet forward of Mackenzie and waited, looking back for a moment to see if he was alright. “Good to go?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Mackenzie said, using the wall to support himself as he stood up. “Let’s go.” He was breathing hard.
Mathew simled, “You’ll be alright. It’s the residue of the Atropine that’s causing your discomfort.”
“Yeah, let’s hope so.” Mackenzie said, moving up behind Mathew. “Alright, keep going.”
Mathew began to move forward again, making it to just a few feet from the ambulance. The back end of the ambulance hung out of the hole it had crated in the side of the corrugated steel wall, the doors were open and swung slowly in the light breeze of the morning.
“Which way do you want to go in by?” Mackenzie asked. “The back of the ambulance? Or between the ambulance and the wall?”
“I think the wall is a better choice since going to the back of the ambulance will make us more visible to anyone or anything across the street, we’re already taking a chance by being in view of that house of there.” He said, nodding toward the south.
Mackenzie looked in that direction for a short moment, the lenses of his gasmask having fogged up a little bit from his sharp breaths earlier. “Yeah, I’m really hoping we don’t have to deal with anything but the problem of finding enough space for the shit we’ll want to take from the ambulance.”
“That’s if there’s anything useful in here.” Mathew said, taking a step up on the destroyed corrugated steel wall. He slid himself between the wall and the ambulance, keeping his weapon pointing toward the inside in case he had to blow anything’s head off at short notice. “I’m in.” He said, once he stood on the other side.
“Coming.” Mackenzie answered, taking his turn to climb between the wall and the ambulance. As he made his way through, Mathew was already a few steps ahead and was clearing the driver side of the ambulance. The door was left open, blood was smeared all over the inside of the vehicle, however it was old and coagulated.

The End

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