Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 13Mature

Alain got ready and took his turn shortly afterward. The dash reminded him of a moment in his past. It was a fifty meter run. Alain and Mackenzie had been teamed up in the Texas exercise, before they had gone to Afghanistan for their tour. There, during the training, they had been labeled as the fastest runners of their platoon from a comical episode where Mackenzie outran his section to a building they were supposed to be clearing. He was given the signal to make his way to the building, and did so, but when he reached it, he turned to see that his section was not even half of the way. Later in the exercise, Alain and Mackenzie were teamed up to run a several hundred meter distance toward a building where they would provide cover for another element of their attack. Mackenzie went first, and to his surprise, Alain was directly behind him the entire way as they both lunged over tall cacti and deep ditches, keeping a constant quick pace the entire way to the building. This was the same during their tour, where they were forced to run a large distance in open ground to rendezvous with another call signs during a firefight. It was a suicide run, and if they hadn’t made it they would have been considered foolish. However they did make it, and they brought with them the quick clot packs that saved the lives of several people, and so they were not fools, but heroes. Funny how it goes, Alain thought to himself as he slid on his knees into the cover of the structure. “Alright.” he gasped, taking a few breaths before continuing, “Matty’s on his way.”
“Can see that.” Tim said, as he lay in the prone, the machine gun trained skillfully toward the road. He had seen Mathew burst from the tree line with his peripheral vision. He soon heard the hard footsteps as Mathew bolted past them, making his way to the far end of the garage where Mackenzie was waiting.
“What’s it look like?” Mathew asked as he leaned against the backside of the garage, watching Mackenzie who was leaning slightly around the corner.
“Looks clear, but you never know. There’s a house about forty or so meters to the south, looks abandoned, but you-”
“You never know, yeah I get it.” Mathew interrupted. “Let’s get moving.” He said, turning back and Signaling to Al that they were moving up.
Al nodded, turning to Tim. “They’re headed to the Ambulance.”
“Right.” Tim replied.

The End

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