Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 12Mature

They made their way along the side of the yard, staying hidden in the tree line. The only problem was that the protection of the tree line brought them to the opposite side of the structure of where the ambulance had crashed. Once they arrived at the end of the woods they had to stop and plan their advance. They didn’t know how many of the near bye buildings would be able to observe their movement across the open ground, and they wanted to minimize this to avoid any kind of interaction with people, infected or otherwise.
“Alright.” Tim said, looking at the structure. “I’d suggest we take the corner there. I’ll go first since I’m not as stupidly fast as you guys, and I can hold it until you’re there. Give me the machine gun Al, I’ll run just as fast with it as with my rifle, but I’ll have more to put down if something hits the fan.”
“I agree.” said Mathew.
“Alright, here you go.” Al said, switching the M249 for the M16A2.
“Ok, get going, I’ll be right behind you to cover the wall.” Mackenzie said.
“Then we’ll make our way to the far side and move along the wall to the ambulance.” Al added.
Mathew nodded, “That does seem like the safest idea.”
Tim got up, “Ok, I’m going.” he said as he stepped out from behind the tree line and began to run to the corner of the building.
“Alain watched toward the road while Mathew kept an eye in the other direction.
Mackenzie took his turn and burst out of the tree line at full tilt.

The End

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