Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 10Mature

Mackenzie was sitting at the edge of the wood line. “What do you think?” He asked to Al.
“Well, the way I see it. We’ll move a lot faster if we get a vehicle and follow this road here down to Jeddo. It’ll save us hours of walking, and I doubt we’ll run into anybody. This region seems pretty quite.”
“So far yes, it does.” Mathew agreed. “But you don’t want to be driving sixty miles an hour down a dirt road and have a dozen of them scramble out of the ditch to say hello.”
“I don’t want to risk that.” Mackenzie said. “I vote we continue on foot. It’ll take longer but we’ve already been through a lot, I’m still feeling the effects of whatever it is the Russian jets dropped on us. I don’t need a concussion and a steering wheel bruise in my chest to make things worse.”
“If things go the way they have in the past you wouldn’t have to worry about that Mack, you, Al and Tim would be ejected out the windows while the truck rolls over. Then you’d probably all be unconscious as a horde of infected rush into the truck and beat me to death while I’m trapped in the truck by my seatbelt.”
“That’s exactly why I never wear mine.” Tim said, smiling.
“I guess you’ve convinced me.” Said Al, “Let’s get going then. We’ve got to move around this yard.”
“Alright.” Mackenzie said, as he turned around, slapping the map and compass into Tim’s chest. “Your turn.”
Tim rolled his eyes. “Jee thanks Mack.”
Mathew looked at the house more intently for a moment, feeling some unexplainable urge to take a closer look. “Wait.”
Mackenzie stopped and looked at Mathew. He didn’t know what was on his mind but trusted his friend enough to know that if something was up it was worth paying attention. He turned quickly and threw a small stick to Al who was out of reach. He motioned him to come back once he had turned around, irritated at the way he had gotten his attention.
“Alright, what’s up?” Tim said, after the other two had returned.
Mathew pointed to the structure across the barren field. “Look at that hangar type building.” he said.

The End

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