Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 9Mature

They took turns navigating as well, making sure that they checked the map periodically, especially when a road was in sight, to ensure that they could find the safest location to cross, one away from houses. There were several occasions where they reached the edge of a tree line and found themselves looking into the backyard of a farmhouse. They would inspect visually to see if there was anything worth scavenging, but avoided entering a danger area for nothing short of a necessity. If there was a case of bottled water sitting outside someone’s door they’d risk it, but for anything else it wasn’t worth the trouble. When they were in Canada they often procured transportation by motor vehicle, however they soon discovered that it attracted the infected, and stopping to syphon gasoline from other vehicles made it very dangerous when a mob was on your trail. Not to mention that getting anywhere near an urban center in a vehicle was nearly impossible. The majority of roadways were littered with abandoned vehicles and navigating them in any vehicle other than a motorcycle became a daunting task. Motorcycles had their own problems as well. Mathew had survived the majority of his time in Sudbury by navigating the dead city streets with his motorcycle. He learned the hard way that the infected had no qualms about using themselves as crash test dummies. Avoiding one was simple, but a wall of them was bad news at any level.

The End

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