Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 8Mature

They took down the leanto and organized the supplies they had gathered the day before. The majority of the things they had taken from the campsite was canned food and sealed bottled water which was a godsend considering the fear of infection. They traded these safer consumables with less reliable ones for space in the pack. The unwanted goods were left at the shelter as they kicked out the remains of the fire and began their trek toward Medina New York.
The landscape was spotted with farmhouses, and so the group had to remain vigilant incase the occupants had fallen victim to the disease. They took turns to break trail through the farmland that was covered in the seasons first months of unchecked growth. Since the land had not been prepared for harvest, wild grass dominated the landscape. They could take the road, but risked detection by unsavory sorts. They were not only worried about the infected, which were usually easily fooled and dispatched. They were more so concerned about raiders, marauders and all other types of none-infected people who would risk a lot for the quality of equipment the four of them carried.

The End

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