Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 6Mature

Alain thought for a moment before talking, “I think an emergency landing is a landing that you do quickly because of some kind of problem, and that after rectifying the problem, you take off again.”
“Yeah.” Tim said. “ I totally agree with that, and since we had no wings, no landing gear, no fuel and were thrown from the aircraft.”
Mathew pointed his finger at Tim. “Hey, I wasn’t thrown from the aircraft, you bastards never wear your seatbelts.”
Tim stared at Matty with wide eyes. “Well I was thrown from the aircraft Matty, and it was painful. I think I still have leaves up my ass.”
“Ok, we don’t need to hear that.” Al said, looking back from the map.
“Here.” Mackenzie said, pointing to the map. “This is where Medina is, and we should be somewhere around here, if that’s the case there’s a road just a few hundred meters past the tents and we should be able to figure out exactly where we are once we know the name of that road.
Tim turned his attention to Mackenzie. “The name of that road Mac, might be at the very end of it, and look how long that road is.” Tim said. “I just said I still have leaves in my ass, I don’t care what the name of the road is and I definitely don’t intend to walk any further than I already have to. If it’s there we’re pretty much where you said we were.”
Al nodded. “ You know, he’s got a point. We really don’t have to walk all the way down that road just to know if we’re on it. It’s a road, that’s indication enough that we’re pretty close to where you think we are.”
“I hate being unsure when it’s just a few hundred meters to prove something.” Mackenzie said, looking at the map still.
“Ok, we really don’t have to walk to the edge of the road Mac. Look, we crossed one road when we raided those houses right after the crash.”
“Hah! You just called it a crash!”
“Shut up Tim. Now, if we crossed one road and we came straight south from the crash site.” Mathew glared at Tim who was pointing at him victoriously. “We have to be somewhere in this square. That’s about as easy as it gets.”
“He’s got a point you know.” Al said.
Mackenzie punched Al on the shoulder. “Would you stop saying that?”
Al laughed.

The End

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