Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 5Mature

It looked a lot like an old world war two flyer, perhaps it was a template from that time and all they did was change the words. However it seemed as though it was simply the style of the artist. The location names had been stamped in by hand and centered at the bottom of the page, a circular crest. The crest had the words “Necessitas non habet legem” encircling it. Within the crest was the same fist as at the top of the page, but it was placed within a shield.

“What should we do?” Tim asked.
“I think we should go.” Mathew said, already turning to make his way toward the camp.
“Where’s Median.” Mackenzie asked, frantically searching through his pocket for a map they had found in a home the day they crashed in the woods near the shores of Lake Ontario
“Let me see.” Mathew said turning back around to reach for the map.
Mackenzie pulled it away from him, staring at him with angry eyes though the gasmask. “Give me a fucking second why don’t you.” He said, putting the map down on the ground and opening it up. “Medina.” he repeated.
“Where are we exactly?” Al said.
“We tried to figure that out two days ago didn’t we?” Tim asked.
“Yeah, but we didn’t have much to work off of, now we know we crashed in a park of some sorts.”
“Right there.” Mathew said, I remember seeing that delta on our way in, and it’s right next to a Golden Hill state park, that’s where we crashed yesterday.”
“Jesus that was just yesterday?” Al said.
Tim nodded, “Yeah... yesterday felt like a long day.”
“Well, we crashed early morning yesterday.” Mackenzie said.
Mathew shook his head. “Would you three stop calling it a crash? We made an emergency landing in a very short forest clearing.”
“Seemed like a crash to me.” Al said.
Mackenzie looked up to Mathew, “I think a crash is when you hit things. We hit many things.”
“I mean, I’m pretty sure we lost both wings.” Al added.
Tim took his turn. “I think if there were fuel in them we’d have died a fiery painful death. Luckily we were completely out of fuel.”
“We didn’t crash! What do you not understand about an emergency landing?”

The End

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