Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 4Mature

Mackenzie climbed out of the washout and ran into the field, “Come on spread out.”
They were all standing in the field, thrashing about when they noticed the door slide open.
Mathew stopped waving. “That might not be good.” He said. Looking more closely he saw a figure lean from the side of the sliding door and empty the contents of some kind of drum.
Mackenzie cocked an eyebrow, “What the hell is that?” he said as he looked up at the cloud of objects that tumbled out of the drum and danced in the air.
“Papers.” Tim said, waiting impatiently for them to float down to him as the Osprey screamed overhead, passing them by.
Mathew watched as it passed, it was close enough now for him to make out that the person in the doorway was a woman, wearing a flight suit and a harness. Her long hair swirled in the wash of the engines. An MP5 slung on her shoulder dangled over the edge of the aircraft as she waved at him,. He could barely make out her face but Mathew could have sworn he saw her smiling. “I think I’m in love.” He muttered, waving back. The papers she had dropped finally made it to him and fell past him as he stood still waving, caught in a slight trance. She was still waving back at him before the Osprey dipped behind a tree line. “Wow.” He said, his heart swelling with an uncontrollable energy.
“Hey man, wake up! Did you see this?” Tim said, running over to him with one of the flyers. “Check it out.”
The flyers were all similar, although the smeared ink and offset print made it obvious that they were printed individually by an old press printer. There was a graphic in the top left hand corner of a persons fist in the air. Centered to the right of the fist, the words “You are not alone!” crossed the page in oversized bold lettering. The next word addressed all four of them “Survivors!” Beneath this there was a paragraph:

Do you seek shelter from the horrors of disease?
Do you seek protection from the fires of war?
to fulfill your destiny in the construction of a NEW NATION!
Our community can provide for all basic needs.
We are waiting for you!


All infected persons will be shot on sight!
If you do not end your own life we will do it for you.

The End

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