Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 3Mature

“We hear it.” Tim said,
Al was putting his gasmask on but was nodding at the same time to confirm that he too had heard the sound.
Mathew got on to his stomach. “Let’s just lay still and hope whatever they’re dropping doesn’t kill us.”
“We’re relatively safe in the washout. I think.” Mackenzie added.
“Let’s hope so.” Tim said, his hands over his head.
The roaring of the engine became louder, and that’s when Mathew made the realization. “Those are propellers, not jets.”
“Helicopter?” Tim asked.
“No, Helicopters make a chopping sound.” Al said.
“Exactly, this is a buzzing, and listen, there’s an oscillation.”
“A what?” Al asked.
“It means there’s two or more engines.” Mathew said, getting up.
Mackenzie got up too. “They wouldn’t be bombing or dropping anything from prop plane, let’s go check this out.”
As they four made their way into the washout, the early morning rays just began to slice across the landscape. The roaring engines of the mystery aircraft had become increasingly loud and were nearly upon them.
“Low flying.” Tim remarked.
“There it is.” Alain pointed.
“Holy fuck, it’s an Osprey.” Mathew exclaimed, “Wave damnit it’s either survivors or the military.” He said as he threw his arms up.

The End

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