Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 2Mature

“I miss music.” Mathew said, forcing the cloth deep into the tight creases of his gasmask.
“When’s the last time we heard music?” Mackenzie asked.
“Well, there’s that time you played the guitar in that abandoned music store in Peterborough, although I wouldn’t call that music.” Mathew said, smiling.
Mackenzie laughed. “Heh, if I recall that well, you were singing along to A Horse With No Name pretty passionately.”
“Yes, I was.” Mathew admitted in a sigh as he looked to the stars above. “I have to agree, it was a pretty moving moment considering we hadn’t heard music for quite a while until then. I never thought it could be so powerful.”
Mackenzie peered up with him. “We took it for granted. We took a lot for granted before the Cordyceps came.”
“No interference.” Mathew said, staring at the glistening sky.
“Yeah, the sky is perfect.”
As they peered up, the rumbling of an engine became audible in the distance.
Mackenzie looked in the direction it came from. “Ah shit.”
“Hurry, let’s get back to the leanto.” Mathew said, picking up his gear and moving back in a quick jog, followed closely by Mackenzie.

The End

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