Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone : Part 1Mature

A thin haze of smoke filled the top of the leanto as Tim nursed the embers of their fire to keep it alive, but not let it grow too large and give away their position.
“Don’t blow on it, you’ll put it out.” Al said, crawling toward it in the darkness to place his hands centimeters from its warmth. “Ah, that feels good.”
“Don’t muffle it, you’ll put it out.” Tim quipped
“Hah.” Al smiled and laughed mockingly. Then his face, highlighted in red from the embers, turned serious “Shut up.” he said, returning his gaze to the miniature flames that periodically billowed from the embers.

Twenty or so meters from the washout, Mathew and Mackenzie sat in a hasty observation post that looked out toward where they had crash landed the Cessna that brought them over Lake Ontario. This was the only position they could see clearly east and west, and there was also the possibility that Russian soldiers could come from an amphibious vehicle to the north of their position. Somehow they both doubted to see any Russians, they hadn’t yet, other than the jets.
“The night is coldest before the dawn.” Mackenzie stated, putting his weapon back together before cleaning the inside of his gasmask. He took a deep breath of fresh air and satisfyingly watching the steam of his breath float out before him.
“It’s actually coldest an hour or so after sunrise.” Matty said, as he too was cleaning his gasmask.
Mackenzie smiled. “Whatever, so long as it’s cold I’m happy.”
They had discovered early on that the spores in the atmosphere floated higher depending on how hot the day was. They also discovered that on a cold enough night, and particularly nearing dawn on such a night, the spores would drop to the surface and latch to it, forming a layer of mold. This mold would, in the morning heat, spew more spores into the air and the cycle would continue. However, for now, the air was near freezing and safe to breath. The group took the time to clean as much of the spores off of their apparel as possible. If it were light enough, they would have expected to see the pink layer of growth on everything around them. It was particularly depressing when the nights were warm, and they were forced to keep their masks adorned, such as last night.

The End

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