Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 21Mature

Mackenzie was not feeling well, his head was sore, his mouth was incredibly dry and he had a great urge to defecate, although he had no time to do so and wouldn’t risk being caught with his pants down, literally, so he waited. He tried to think of good memories to pass the time but that only made him feel worse. He inspected his rifle as best he could without taking too much attention off the washout, it was pretty clean considering what they’ve been through recently, although the moving parts could have been filthy since he hadn’t cleaned it properly for a few days now. He pulled the action back slowly to do a press check, make sure that there was a round in the chamber. As he did so a figure dropped into the washout several meters away from him. He immediately pulled his rifle into his shoulder and aimed instinctively down the sight. He found Timothys face within the sight and lowered his weapon. “Took you guys long enough. Are we expecting any company?”
“I hope not.” Tim said, pushing on his gasmask to make sure it was still firmly strapped.
“One of them tore my mask off, I’m going to have to decontaminate my face to make sure I don’t get mold growing on it.”
“I’d love to help you but I can barely stand, and I still have to do the same considering I might have some spores on my face too.
“We all have to decontaminate, we were hit with a nerve agent.” Al said as he too climbed into the washout.
“He’s got a point.” Timothy replied.
“Holy shit.” Al said, laughing. “Tim, doesn’t this remind you of Snake Pite?”
“The what?” Mathew said as he caught up.
“The Snake Pite.” Mackenzie said, laughing as well.
“You mean Snake Pit.” Mathew said.
“No.” Tim shook his head. “They mean Snake Pite.”
“Or the No Coles Club.” Al said, laughing some more, taking advantage of the light hearted moment to cool down after the trauma they just witnessed.
“Haha, yeah I remember that.” Mackenzie said. “Back when we were training in Texas, we had set up a leanto with a bunch of ground sheets like this and we called it the Snake Pit, but Burns misspelled pit to Pite so it became the Snake Pite.”
“Man, even the Officer called it that later when we were doing an assault on a village.” Tim said laughing.

The End

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