Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 20Mature

“I’ve got my own problems” Tim said, firing at several of the creatures while stepping backward. Another one leapt from between two tents and tackled Timothy who fell directly beside Alain. They both turned their heads to shield themselves from the blows and found themselves looking at each other although their heads pointed in opposite directions.
“This ain’t good.” Al said, feeding another knee and elbow to his assailant. He was running out of energy.
A loud burst was heard and one of the infected dropped in the small space between Alain and Tim, it’s head destroyed.
“Thank god!” Tim said, soon after kneeing his assailant in the groin to no avail.
“Who asked for help?” Matty said, pumping the shotgun to load another round as one of the creatures turned from Al and Tim to concentrate the last moments of its life on Mathew, It didn’t even complete one step forward before it’s head was turned into a cloud of pink mist.
Mathew stepped forward slinging the shotgun. “I’ll try not to shoot you.” He said to Tim.
“That would be...” Tim struck the creature in the throat, with a satisfying crunching sound. “... appreciated.”
Mathew heard the thumping footsteps rushing toward him and he spun around, drawing his revolver with lightning speed, firing it just as it left the holster. The creature tumbled toward him, yet he stood his ground as it tripped on its own feet. It missing him by mere centimeters as it crumbled to the ground just past where he stood, blood gushing in spurts from its head. He returned his attention to Al and Tim. He brought the revolver to bear and fired several shots consecutively until the cylinder was empty. He pulled the latch and emptied the spent casings into a pocket while Tim and Al moved the immobile corpses from on top of them.
“Show off.” Tim said, getting to his feet.
“I do what I can.” Mathew said, loading the cylinder with fresh rounds.
Al got up and dusted himself off slightly before speaking, “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”
“Agreed.” Mathew responded.
The three brandished their weapons and began to make their way carefully toward the washout, attempting to be as vigilant as possible.

The End

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