Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 19Mature

Alain dropped his M249 and ran toward him, slowing down about five meters from the two and winding his arm back. As the hatchet reached the apex, his feet slid in the dirt. In one swift motion his arm swung forward, releasing the hatchet to let it tumble but once before it plunged with immense force into the charred corpse’s head.
The creature flipped forward, landing on its back a foot or so away from Tim who got up frantically, replacing his mask to its rightful position. Tim turned to Al and his eyes widened.
Alain spun around to see six of them moving quickly toward him. He drew his pistol and began to execute them, one bullet to the head for each.
Tim reclaimed his weapon, but as he began to stand up he heard the footsteps of another behind him. When he turned he noticed that this one was not burned. It was a young woman, nude, her face twisted from insanity. Her long brown hair matted with dirt. Tim barely had the time to bring his weapon up to the hip and fire into her. As she dropped he noticed several more rushing toward him. “Uh. Al, we’ve got fast ones coming.”
Al turned, just after executing the last of the burned corpses. “Seen.” He said as he ran toward his M249. Just as he reached for it he was tackled by a young man. This one was fresh, Al noticed that he had no spines growing out of him. This was a problem; a body consumed by the fungus was weaker, easy to destroy, while a fresh body was more robust. Alain defended his face with one arm and reached down for his hatchet, his eyes widened as he realized it was not in his belt, but still in the back of the charred corpses head. He pulled his pistol out of its holster once more and aimed it at the young mans face as he thrashed wildly. A lucky swing connected with the pistol and it fired off into the air as Alain lost grip of it. “Fuck!” He said, remembering the times in the past when he was overwhelmed by infected gangs. He elbowed the man in the face, breaking his jaw, while still protecting his mask from the wild strikes. “A little help?” He yelled to Tim.

The End

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