Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 18Mature

One of them rolled down the mound of corpses and got on to its knees. As it began to stand up Tim took part of its head off with a 5.56. Several more from another mound began to shamble toward them.
Al shook his head and fired a short burst at one of them. “This is fucking stupid. I’m assuming the nerve agent has something to do with this because last time I checked burning them finishes them off pretty well.”
“Well.” Tim said, firing at another shambling corpse. “Have you ever really stuck around to see if they get back up? These corpses have been burned and were sitting around for a while, maybe they always reanimate and you’ve just never stuck around long enough to notice.”
“You’ve got a point.” Al said, sliding the M249 on his back and taking out his hatchet.. “I’m not going to waste ammo on these guys, they’re slow enough to deal with. Alain walked up to one of the slow moving charred bodies and stuck his axe into its head before it could even lift its arms. It shook violently before crumbling to the ground, dead once again. “Honestly, this is stupid”.
“Come on let’s get moving, we can kill them on our way out.”
As Tim turned to walk away one of the charred corpses rushed toward him at a blazing speed.
“TIM!” Al screamed, pulling his hatchet from a skull.
Tim turned too late, the creature was upon him. He raised his weapon, but it had leapt and latched on to his shoulders before he could react fast enough. As they rushed to the ground the creature thrashed at him, swiping at his head violently. Tims gasmask was pushed halfway across his face and he grasped frantically at it while holding his breath, trying to keep it over his face.

The End

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