Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 17Mature

Alain turned the corner of another tent and heard the footsteps rushing toward him. He spun around quickly and instinctually pulled the trigger, firing the M249 from the hip. The creature was leaping by the time he pulled the trigger, and he found it satisfying to watch it get pulled back as if yanked by a tether when the rounds ate into its chest. He walked toward it as it sprawled on to the ground, still squirming. As he walked forward he fired bursts into it, until finally was up to it. It was screeching, pink clouds of spores spewing from it’s open mouth, long dangling spines protruding from it’s back and shoulders. Alain walked up to its crippled body. Its eyes moved wildly, as it attempted to attack him, but several of Alains rounds had severed it’s spinal cord, and no matter how much of the fungus consumed and replaced the tissues of the body, it couldn’t replace or substitute a vital organ such as the spine. Its head thrashed wildly, the only part of its body still capable of moving. Alain lifted his leg and stomped firmly on its face. The skull cracked and the head opened in several places, fungal material erupting out of the fresh wounds. “Tim?” Alain yelled.
“Yeah I’m here.” He said, turning the corner. “Whoa... You know you can take your foot out of its head now.”
Alain looked down. “Yeah” He said walking toward him. “Come on let’s keep moving, keep your eyes open, who knows how many will reanimate.”
“I’m not a fucking idiot Al.”
“Just get moving.”
As they turned around another tent to head back the direction they came in, they noticed movement in one of the piles of burned corpses.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Al said.
The corpses began to reanimate, all of them.
“Well.” Tim sighed. “At last they’ll be slow as hell, being all burned and whatnot.”

The End

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