Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 16Mature

“Yes, you did. You also did the funky chicken.”
“Not for us it wasn’t.”
“I don’t doubt that. How long was I out for?”
“Well they left for the tents just after you went down, so you’ve been out for just about three hours.”
“It feels like longer somehow.” Suddenly his eyes widened.
“What?” Mathew asked, noticing his sudden agitation.
“If I inhaled the nerve agent I had my mask off, how long was it off?”
“Don’t worry, it was a fraction of a second. If the pellet hadn’t exploded on you, you wouldn’t have even gotten any nerve agent under your mask. It’s only because it was concentrated near you that you inhaled some of it. Probably when you hit the ground after it struck you.”
“I don’t remember any of that.”
“You were hit pretty hard, I doubt you would remember any of it.”
“I like what you did with the place.” Mackenzie said, laughing a bit.
“Yeah, I’m surprised I did it this fast.”
“I want to stand.” Mackenzie said, planting his arm to support himself and attempting fruitlessly to raise himself off the ground.
“I want a salami sandwich, but I ain’t getting one, and you’re not standing.”
“You suck.”
Mathew sat beside Mackenzie, resting against the earth wall. “I hope they get back soon.”
Just as Mathew finished his sentence a series of gunshots were heard nearbye.
“What the fuck?” Mathew exclaimed. “Are you good here?” He said to Mackenzie, getting up briskly and taking hold of his shotgun.
“Yeah I’ll be good, just hand me my M14.”
Mathew picked the rifle from off the ground and handed it to him before he made his way to the end of the leanto. “I’ll be back.” He said as more shots rang out.
Mathew disappeared around the leanto.
Mackenzie could hear more gunshot going off in the distance as he scrambled and dragged himself to the entrance of the leanto so that he could see if someone or something was coming down the ravine.

The End

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