Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 15Mature

“That’s gonna go out you know.” Mackenzie said weakly
Mathew leapt over the growing flame and grabbed on to Mackenzies mask, looking into his eyes. They were still rolling back into his head, but he was obviously somewhat conscious. “You alright?” He asked, checking his pulse.
“I feel like I was shot in the stomach.”
“Not quite, you were hit in the head by a nerve gas pellet that was dropped from a Russian bomber. I think it bounced off the ground before hitting you though, otherwise I’m pretty sure you’d be dead.”
“Considering how I feel, I think I’d rather be dead.” he said in a raspy voice. “My mouth is insanely dry.”
“That’s because of the autoinjector, you’ll be pretty messed up for a while, I pumped your brain full of chemicals.”
“Good to know.” He said, attempting to sit up.
“Here let me help you.” Mathew took him by the shoulders and helped him prop his back up against the earth wall.
“Where’s Tim and Al?”
“They left for the settlement about three hours ago, they should be back soon.
“Ugh..” Mackenzie grunted.
“What, what’s the matter?”
“I was unconscious and my ass hurts, I’m worried I lost my virginity.”
Mathew laughed, “Your virginity is safe.”
“With you I somehow doubt that, when’s the last time you got laid?”
“About the same time the world went to shit.”
“That long ago huh... same here.”
“What is?” Mackenzie asked.
“We’ve never talked about that before.”
“Probably because neither of us want to think about the fate of the last person we shared ourselves with.”
“Good point.”
“At that, let’s change the subject... I threw up in my mask.”

The End

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