Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 14Mature

If only he could go back in time and kill that mother fucking research team. Mathew thought to himself, If only they hadn’t brought this fucking demonic plague upon us... Maybe life would still be normal. Mathew had begun to make a small fire, something small enough to be concealed by the leanto. He knew it would be a cold night, and preparing a fire early in the day was the logical thing to do if you knew you were going to be stationary for a few days. He had already collected a modest amount of kindling. A part of his mind was nagging at him about Tim and Al, creating scenarios where perhaps they had gotten into trouble and were in need of his assistance. If Mackenzie was not in such a bad state he would have checked on them, but he couldn’t leave Mack there on his own, unconscious, defenseless if one of those things were to show up. He burned some of the time away by fantasizing about how life would have been if the world hadn’t gone to shit... and then it donned on him that the world was headed for the shit regardless of this fucked up turn of events. It only took an experimental genetically modified fungus to throw the western world back to the stone age. What pissed Mathew off the most is that they knew about it. The fuckers knew exactly what they were doing, that it would affect human beings. What on earth were they thinking? Cordyceps fungus were used in Asia as immune system boosters for a long time, maybe they were trying to maximize that positive effect. Obviously they didn’t expect to plunge the continent into a fungal infestation. Luckily for the rest of the wildlife, this Cordyceps genus was only capable of affecting human beings. “Unluckily for us.” Mathew thought as he struck the flint once again, sparking a small yet manageable flame in the moss.

The End

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