Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 13Mature

Several fungal spires had erupted through the victims mouth and eyes, the fruiting bodies were still intact, and were dangerously close to erupting.
“Cordyceps host... those fresh spores are small enough to make it through the filters Tim, we have to move...”
As if sensing their presence, the corpse began to undulate.
“Now Tim!” Al yelled as he turned and made for the exit.
“Fuck!” Tim yelled at the top of his lungs, turning the corner just behind Alain as the Cordyceps host began to whine that familiar wail as the fungal structures collapsed on themselves, releasing millions upon millions of microscopic spores into the atmosphere. The shrill was so unimaginably terrifying to them that Alain had unintentionally vomited in his mask from the adrenaline that had been pumped so abruptly into his system. They raced out of the barn and three quarters of the way up the hill before collapsing near where they had originally conceived the idea of exploring the barn.
Alain was on his hands and knees, attempting to expel the vomit form his mask through the valve. He turned over after the majority of it had fallen to the ground. They both sat side by side and watched as a pink missed enveloped the barn.
“Fucking... twice.” Timothy said through deep gasps. “Twice I’ve had to deal with those fucking things...” He took another deep breath and swallowed, “... they’re supposed to be fucking rare.”
“I’ve never seen one before.” Al said, trying to move the chunks of vomit away from his mouth within the mask. “You got a canteen on you?” He asked.
“Yeah, here.” Tim said, pulling one from his backpack and passing it to Alain, who plugged the tube from his mask into the top of the canteen’s lid.
“Tasty?” Tim asked.
“Mmmhmm...” Al replied.
“Hehe, you puked didn’t you.” Tim laughed.
“At least I didn’t piss my pants.”
Tim looked at his crotch and noticed the wetness. “Fucking Christ, damn that sympathetic nervous system eh?” Tim said, shaking his head.
“I call it being a pussy.” Al said jokingly, laughing for a moment before being interrupted by a few more dry heaves.
“Hah, poetic justice.”
“Ugh... come on we gotta get back to Mathew and Mackenzie.”
“Yeah, let’s go.” Timothy agreed, taking up his pack and making his way back through the tents. Alain on his heels.

The End

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