Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 12Mature

“Room clear.” Tim said, now moving forward into the barn.
“Not much here is there.”
“Yeah maybe you were right eh Tim?” Tim said, mockingly.
“Shut up, you’re a fucking idiot.” Al replied.
“Calm down.”
Both of them froze in their tracks and became utterly silent as a strange noise caught their attention.
Alain signaled to Timothy to move toward the doorway to their right.
Timothy stacked up against the wall and waited for Alain to squeeze up. “Short wall right, it’s a hallway.” Timothy warned, making sure Alain knew he had to move to the left after entering to face down the hall.
Timothy felt the squeeze and waited for a short moment, giving Alain time to get his hands on his M249 before he spun around the corner, facing down the hallway with his weapon pointed firmly to the center of mass of a shadowed figure.
Even before Alain could make out the object in the shadows his weapon was up and aiming at its core, in the span of a tenth of a second he had recognized the humanoid shape and locked on to it.
“Say something!” Tim yelled to it, knowing that only a very rare few Cordyceps hosts could speak, and even then, they only spoke gibberish.
The shadowed figure said nothing.
“Cover me Tim, I’ll grab my light.”
“Check.” Tim replied.
Alain kept his eyes on the target but lowered his weapon slightly and began to dig in his pocket, pulling out a flashlight. He clicked it on and pointed the light toward the shadows.
There in the depth of the hall was a mangled human body, barely recognizable, suspended several feet off the ground by a foundation of fungal structures.
“Jesus Christ.” Timothy exclaimed.

The End

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