Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 11Mature

Their luck was bitter sweet, all of them had been hit before. Mackenzie had been shot several times, he had also fallen from a fatal height and somehow survived. Mathew himself had also been shot, perhaps more times than the others. He survived a high speed motorcycle accident in the early days of the infestation, while eluding mobs of infected. He was also the only one to stand his ground when a collapsing bridge spewed debris over the four of them. He was standing in the exact location that was not hit by any of the large pieces of concrete and steel. Alain survived several attacks from large groups of infected, and was shot by a twelve gauge in the chest without body armor. He was also badly burned by an exploding vehicle while the group was escaping an urban center. Timothy had been stabbed by a group of raiders and managed to fight his way through them regardless of his wounds, although collapsing once the confrontation was over. He also was the only one to have survived a prolonged exposure to spores; holding his breath as he ran through a subway station that was occupied by a Cordyceps host who’s fruiting bodies had erupted, being chased by infected the whole way through. All four of them had survived a train wreck, a plane crash, a car accident in which all but Mathew were expelled from the vehicle (they hadn’t fastened their seatbelts). All in all, the four of them had survived particularly traumatic events, and as previously stated, their luck has always been bitter sweet. Lucky to have survived, yet unlucky to have had the need to witness and experience the hardships of their twisted fate. For this reason, Mathew had hope for Mackenzie, that if they had survived this long, through so many insane situations, that the nerve agent was only going to be another campfire story months down the road.

The End

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