Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 9Mature

Alain and Tim climbed out of the washout and began to walk through the tall grass once again, staying near each other in case they encountered resistance from the small settlement. The nerve agents would have killed them, but they had no idea how it would have affected those infected by the parasite. Soon they exited the tall grass and were walking in a relatively clear area that stretched for about a hundred meters before the first tents of the campsite. It’s then that they saw the first bodies.
“There.” Tim pointed.
“I see it.” Alain replied. It was a woman, folded over on her side, she was wearing a thin white tank top, her exposed skin was covered in small spines, about one to five centimeters long. The longer ones were on the back of the shoulders and along the spine. They looked exactly like those that grew from old potatoes, white at the tips with small pink dots near the bottom of the stem. This was the physical manifestation of the Cordyceps fungus. These people were infected.
“Keep your eye open, they might reanimate.” Al said to Tim.
“No shit sherlock.” Tim replied, irritated.
Both of them had their weapons at the ready, and had slowed to a walk as they began to enter the campsite. Soon they turned the corner from one of the first tents and witnessed a fragment of hell.
“Ugh.” Timothy turned away for a short moment at the sight of it.
“The fires weren’t campfires...” Alain said, as he looked at the hundreds of corpses piled into mounds, some strewn across the field.
“Why were they burning them?” Timothy asked, as they walked further into the carnage.
“They must have known they were infected and were burning the bodies before the fungus could gestate.”
“You’re probably right.”
“Let’s clear this tent first.” Alain said as they moved toward the entrance of the tent they had passed.

The End

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