Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 7Mature

“Put him in the recovery position” Alain said, reaching for his arm and resting his head on it. He felt the lining of the gasmask to ensure that it was sealed. He unplugged the stopper on the valve to make it easier for any vomit to be expelled from the gasmask. As he did so he glimpsed into Mackenzies mask through the eye piece. Mackenzies eyes had rolled back, but were still open, revealing a ghostly white bloodshot eye that made Alain feel even more uneasy. “He’s not looking good.”
“Why can’t they just fucking leave us be?” Timothy yelled, “Why the fuck are they always blowing the fuck out of places, dropping all sorts of shit. Don’t they know there are still people down here?”
Mathew was checking Mackenzies pulse. “They know, they don’t want us here. It makes it harder for them to scavenge what’s left of the western world. You have to remember, the Russians and the Chinese are the only two superpowers left. What else would they do in a situation like this one other than attempt to take over every resource that this parasite has made available for them.”
“Shit, do you think he inhaled spores?” Tim said, realizing the possibility once Mathew had mentioned the parasite.
“Even if he did, I doubt he inhaled enough to infect him. His mask only unsealed for a short moment. It’s the gas that got in.”
“Obviously.” Alain, stated, as Mackenzie jerked once again, the convulsions having nearly completely subsided.

The End

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