Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 6Mature

When he arrived he dropped Mackenzie to the ground.
Alain had already ripped a strip of paper from the detection pack, he waved it in the air frantically and then stopped inspecting it briefly before shaking it again.
“What is it?” Tim inquired impatiently.
“Give me a fucking second!” Alain said, pushing Tim away from the paper.
All three stared at it as it began to change color. There was a moment that seemed like forever as it slowly darkened.
“Purple!” Alain said
“Nerve agent!” Matty exclaimed at the same time.
“Hurry!” Tim yelled
Mathew was already on it, he had pulled one of the autoinjectors from Mackenzies leg pack and had removed the cap and twisted the safety off. He rolled Mackenzie over, who had begun to convulse. He raised an arm and was ready to inject the atropine when the convulsions suddenly increased in activity, nearly throwing Mathew off balance.
“Hold him down!” Mathew yelled.
Timothy and Alain grabbed on to whatever limb was near them as vomit spewed from the valve at the front of Mackenzies gasmask.
“Fuck!” Tim yelled, getting sick from the sight of it.
Mathew raised his arm again and stabbed Mackenzie in the side of the buttocks, holding the autoinjector down for a few moments before removing it and throwing it away, grasping at the leg bag to ready another injector. He thought he was counting in his head, but Mathew was counting out loud, waiting, hoping that the convulsions would stop.
“Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen... fuck it.” he said, unlocking the second pen and stabbing him again.

The End

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