Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 5Mature

All four men fell to the ground, expecting an explosion of flames and debris to rain down on them in the trench, but nothing came.
Tim lifted one arm from over his head and peered out. “What the hell?” He said, they didn’t drop anything?” As if to answer his question a spherical object the size of a golf ball smashed into the stones just in front of him. “Shit! Pellets!” he screamed, rising to his feet and running toward Mathew who had found relative shelter beneath an overhang of roots and earth.
Mathew was urging them in his direction as the balls rained down onto the field, exploding into balls of gas on impact.
Alain dove into the shelter but Mackenzie was slightly too late. A sphere smashed into him and he plummeted to the ground, knocking his face headfirst into the rocks. His gasmask was slightly dislodged in the process and as he attempted to get up he coughed harshly into his mask. His hand grasped at his throat and he collapsed from his knees back on to his stomach.
“Shit!” Mathew, lunged out from beneath the overhang, Alain and Timothy attempted to hold him back but he was too fast. He rushed to his fallen comrade and pulled his shoulder over, slid his arm beneath one armpit and with a grunting heave, lifted him onto his shoulders. Mathew was screaming, although he probably didn’t know it, deaf from the surge of adrenaline that had been released into his system. He ran back to the overhang, faster than he had empty handedly.

The End

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