Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 4Mature

They all stopped in the tall grass, listening carefully as the first rays of the sun crested the horizon and shone on them. There was silence for almost two whole minutes before they all made note of the low grumbling sound that was reverberating in their chests.
“Sounds like fast air.” Alain said.
Tim slapped him on the head. “Shhh.”
Mathew’s gaze shot up to the sky. “There!” He pointed.
“Fast air!” Mackenzie yelled.
“I told you!” Alain exclaimed as the other three burst into a sprint.
As they ran, they could no longer hear the rumbling of the jet engines, only the overwhelming sound of their own breathing and the shifting of their gear resonated through their ears as they ran through the tall grass. It only took moments for their bodies to heat up drastically from the change of pace, and sweat began to pool in their gas masks.
“Do you see anything?” Alain yelled between deep forced breaths.
“No!.” Mackenzie replied, scanning the field for any kind of cover.
“Washout!” Mathew yelled as he burst out of the tall grass and fell abruptly into a small ravine that had dug a five foot deep trench through the field.
Mackenzie and Alain stumbled into the washout, nearly losing their balance on the loose stones in its basin.
Tim came crashing through the tall grass, falling onto Mackenzie who broke his fall. “Sorry.” he said.
“This way!” Mathew yelled as he ran down the washout.
The jet engines became audible again and soon they were unbearably loud as they passed just overhead.

The End

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