Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust : Part 2Mature

Mackenzie looked at the dark silhouette of the horizon, it was nearing dawn. The light of the sun was visible as a pink haze in the distance, although this pink haze was not that of an ordinary sunrise.
All of them knew the signs of spore saturation in the atmosphere. The microscopic fungus was thick in the air, and if it weren’t for their gas masks the parasitic organism would be spreading through their lungs; trudging relentlessly to their brains before causing an irreparable chemical dysfunction. If they were lucky, they would lose their minds and become slaves to the fungus before being devoured by it. If they were unlucky, they would remain conscious, and be capable of living normally until nearing death where the fungus would gestate to maturity and begin to consume all none-essential soft tissues. They had run into many settlements like that which they were about to enter. Often these places were populated by survivors who didn’t understand exactly what had happened. They had not protected themselves from the parasite, and were in the throes of gestation, not knowing why their bodies hurt so badly, as they were being eaten from the inside out.
Regardless of the danger these settlements posed, the quartet had no choice but to move in. They were dangerously low on food and water, which would have to be purified before consumption.
“Well, shall we move on?” Mathew suggested, picking up the pack and sliding it onto one arm. “We should get there well past sunrise, and I fully intend to have breakfast for once.” he said, walking past Mackenzie and making his way down the grassy slope.
“Cheers to that.” Mackenzie said, following his lead.
“Is it just me that thinks this is a bad idea?” Timothy asked, still standing were he was.
Alain had gotten up and was making his way past Tim when he turned to him “Guess so!” he said excitedly, running past him to catch up to the other two.
Tim swung his head back, sighing in discontent. “People are bad news!” he yelled, as he took a step forward. “Bad news.” he said again, this time under his breath, probably not even loud enough to escape the gas mask.

The End

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