I got the message.  As soon as I did I grabbed my wallet and my keys and left.  I also grabbed the sign that said Chill345 on it.  I knew the time would come sometime.

Of course, although I'd loved his writing for quite a while, I had no picture of Patrick Sanders.  I had no idea what he looked like and vice versa.

I practically speeded to the airport (I'd be able to plead my own case if I was caught), and ran through the familiar doors and into the lobby.  There I caught my breath and held up my sign.  I looked around, but there were too many men to see if I'd know.

I felt a hot breath on my shoulder and someone whispered, "Hi Sarah".

I looked around and there he was.  The only thing to do was wrap my arms around him and kiss him.

This was the guy I'd been waiting for my whole life.  That one guy with the eyes of an angel, the velvet voice that sent shivers down my spine, the personality of a god.

And he was standing in front of me.

The End

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