Patrick Sanders

I couldn't believe it!  Awesome234 was Patrick Sanders!  I'd had a crush on him since his very first book.  He had such a writing talent.  I was not a good writer, but an awesome reader.  Guess that's why I was a Criminal Lawyer.  Wow.  I logged on, hoping he'd be on.  He was.  I logged on to chat, hoping he'd start.

Awesome234: What's your address?

I wasn't expecting that.

Chill345: Umm...what?

Awesome234: You heard me.  What's your address?

Chill345: I still live over in Nashville.  I can pick you up at the airport if you want.

Awesome234: Ok.

He logged off.

I went over and lied on my bed, pondering whether I would go or not.  Irina jumped up.

"I wonder if you understand what I say when I talk," I said, absentmindedly scratching in between her ears.

I had decided.

The End

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