The computer saved my life

My German Sheppard, Irina, jumped up on me as I walked through the door and flipped on the light to my apartement.  I remembered the huge argument I'd had with the hotel owner because of my dog, but I needed her.

I went straight to the computer after eating my dinner. was still on my screen.  I'd had two new messages from Awesome234.

Dear Chill345,

How's life, hon?  I'm having a hard time concentrating on my job right now because of you, thanks a lot :)


Dear Chill345,

Please answer!


I went to the tab labeled CHAT, and, sure enough, he was on there.  As soon as I logged on we started talking.

Awesome234: Hey babe

Chill345: Hi.  Sorry I'm late.  Tough day at work.  3 new cases, and I'm not even done with the one I'm working on.

Awesome234: Oh, I'm sorry for giving you a hard time then.  I get so paranoid sometimes.  Today was like all others...sitting in the office, working on one of my many unfinished know?  It's really hard to finish a story when you don't know what you want to happen next.

Chill345: Yeah...I've tried writing a story too.  It didn't work out, mostly because I'm terrible at writing...:)

Awesome234:, how about we tell our life stories?

Chill345: Alright... I was born June 15th, 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee.  I've been an orphan since I was 3 years old...but only because I ran away and nobody bothered to look for me.  I ran away from the orphanage I was 12 years old, and was illegaly adopted after living on the streets for 2 years.  I'm an only child, and know nothing about my family.  I can't even remember what they look like, and I don't care.

I love music.  Singing showtunes is my passion.  But that dream never really worked out, so right now my backup plan as a Criminal Lawyer is what I'm doing.  My real name?  My real name is Sarah Wedringson.  I'm single, kidless, and I have a German Sheppard named Irina.

Awesome234: Wow.  You mean your the Sarah Wedringson?

Chill345: I am.

Awesome234: Wow.  Anyway...I was born in Denver, Colorado June 14th, 1990.  My dad and I have never gotten along, mostly because we don't really see eye to eye.  My mother died giving labor to me, which I'm sure is another reason my dad doesn't like me.  I'm an only child.  So, like you, I don't see my family much.  My dad cares about me, but doesn't like me (if that makes any sense to you whatsoever.)

I'm a single, kidless author.  My real name?  My real name is Patrick Sanders.  Author of too many books to count :)

Chill345: Wow.  So we both know what it's like to be famous?

Awesome234: We sure do.  Hey, I'm really sorry, but I have to go.  My agent's knocking, probably wanting to see my ruft draft for my next story.  Love you.

Chill345: Mmk.  Love you too.  Bu-bye.

The End

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