He had given up trying to move the rubble already. There was too much and nowhere near enough time. He couldn't rely on his friends to save him. To give him the time and the energy he needed to survive. Their priority should be themselves anyway.

Origin was scared. He was trapped and had no one to hold his hand. His eyes had wanted to water but he was stronger than that. Instead, he just lay perfectly still, waiting for death to come.

As a religious man, he knew what was on the other side. Either heaven or hell. Although ever since these things cropped up, he hadn't believed that anyone was going anywhere - that people were trapped in an eternal death in their disgusting decaying bodies. Origin really didn't want that.

He gave one last futile push against the metal forcing him to the floor. It was too hard.

"The orchard walls are high and hard to climb"

He could hear his wife's voice echoing in his mind. She had been a keen dramatist and had especially fallen in love with the character of Juliet. But then she had fallen in love with her Romeo and that had been the end of their marriage. But it was the quote that mattered.

Life had become that orchard wall and fate had decided that he wouldn't be getting over it to his Juliet. He watched his Hope get carried away from him. At least she was safe.

And now time for his banishment.

With his ear pressed against the floor, he could hear the sound of their footsteps approaching. It almost sounded like they were scraping the floor with every movement but they were going so much faster than that.

They were coming. Now the tears began to fall. He was praying as he heard steps mere metres away from him.

"cupio neque sonus neque solus esse."

"There never was a story of more woe,

Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

Her voice sounded like it was smiling. Like she was laughing at him. He almost laughed as he remembered her how she always had been.

"facile est tristis esse autem laetus sum esse."

He never thought his last words would be in latin.

The End

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