Choosing One Man Over Another

It didn't take long for Origin to regain consciousness. After rambling on about some unknown deity saving his life, he quickly came to his senses and knew what was happening.

As much as Lucas was against it, he knew he had to work with Wolf if they had any chance to survive. The two men raised their weapons and formed a tight circle around Hope as she checked her lover was alright with what little medical knowledge she had gained from her brief exposure to Passion.

"Leave me."

Origin's words shocked Hope, making her even more desperate to free him. The others had been lucky not to be trapped as well; when they had entred, they had adopted a stance with the two stronger men wide on the outside with the two leaders in the centre. Origin remembered pushing Hope away slightly as he heard something above them loosening. He had saved her.

"Just go."

"I'm really not leaving you Origin!"

Hope had now began to move the rubble away from him, freeing his right leg in a few minutes. But, deep down, she knew that it wasn't fast enough. She thought about asking for Lucas' help but she knew that that would increase the risk of a surprise ambush from the creatures.

"I've got the first one at the top of the stairs." Wolf said, questioning whether the sound of the single shot he needed to destroy it would attract any others. He decided to leave it when it went away without seeming to notice them.

"I'm a lost cause." Origin was bizarrely smiling. "I don't mind. Just save yourselves."

"Hope! We haven't got much more time!"

"Help me Lucas!" she sounded very desperate. He dropped his gun and helped her to lift some of the heavier things covering Origin's body. He wasn't even trying to help. "Origin we need you to help us!"

"You're going to have to leave me. They might not even notice me."

None of them believed him.

"Origin." It was Wolf. "I can help you out."

"No thank you. Wolf, do me a favour?"

"Of course."

"Take her away."

He nodded reluctantly and lifted Hope over his shoulder. She was light enough for him to run with her there but the fact that she was putting up such a fight didn't help. He turned to Lucas who reluctantly agreed. He offered Origin a handgun which he refused.

"See you all later." Origin tried to sound upbeat, despite the horrible conditions.

"In heaven." Wolf added.

They turned to flee to a safer hiding place as a horde of creatures spilled over from the upper floor. Wolf glanced quickly and knew that they couldn't stand a chance against them all. Not even an army would dent their numbers.

There had to be a few thousand at least.

Origin was doomed.

They all were.

The End

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