"Oh. My. God." Hope murmured under her breath as she stepped into the shopping centre.

She knew how it would have looked at its prime: there was a large artificial, yet strangely beautiful waterfall directly in front of the entrance, evidently to draw in customers to first look at the spectacle before them, and then for them to look at the bargains to be had. The shop fronts would have been immaculate with well dressed displays of mannequins sporting the latest clothing. There would have been a delicious smell emanating from all the restaurants with the fast food overpowering everything else. She smiled at the image. But everything had changed.

There was still water cascading down the rocks, but it was tainted with a hint of crimson. The shop fronts were smashed with the glass windows in lots of tiny pieces dotted around the inside; they had clearly broken in. The mannequins had been ripped apart and some of the less intelligen creatures had mistaken them for humans and tried to eat them, explaining the bite marks, small sections of the limbs being missing and the discarded, chewed plastic that littered the floor.

And the smell. It astounded her. It was still similar - she could still smell that disgusting smell of meat being cooked. But then two things dawned on her.

Firstly, it was probably human flesh being cooked.

Secondly, that meant that there was at least one decent sized fire in the building.

As if on cue, debris fell from the ceiling, hitting Origin on the head, knocking him unconscious.

The creatures had heard it. They were coming.

The End

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