Venturing Outside

It was the first time Hope had been out of the Compound.

She was leading a team of Wolf, Origin, Lucas and herself since they had been the only brave, or maybe even stupid, ones to venture out. After relying mainly on Echo and Passion to clear their way out, they were on their own.

In the first thirty minutes of solitary exploration, they had encountered a grand total of two creatures, both of which were unsuitable due to how Wolf blew their head of before they had chance to capture them. Lucas had made it clear that if Wolf did that again, he would happily shoot him. Instead, Hope took away his rifle, hoping he didn't have anything else tucked away somewhere.

Echo had found an old map of the local area and had pointed out a potential haunt for the creatures - a nearby town. When they arrived, they found it completely wrecked. Origin and Lucas had tried to commandeer a usefully parked vehicle but annoyingly, the engine had rusted beyond belief and they were out of petrol.

Hope kept her eyes peeled as they moved down the main street, avoiding overturned cars and other random bric-a-brac. They passed a couple of empty prams and hoped that the mother had forcibly evacutated the child from its comfort.

They came across a shopping trolley which, although filled with the body of an unfortunate soul, reminded them of food. Despite the fact that he had become lunch. The ventured towards a nearby shopping centre, all suspecting that it would lead them to where none of them wanted to go, but somewhere they had to to complete their mission.

For the creatures to survive, they needed food. Where better than in a supermarket? Luckily, there was a sign detailing multiple inside the arcade.

After a deep breath, Hope led them inside.

The End

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