Jumping to Conclusions

After an hour in office room one, Passion and Hope left, both wiser than when they entered.

Hope especially. She had drawn a few conclusions from what had happened.

1. The two groups were a lot closer now.

She just had to look in not only her bed but Passion's too to realise that. But not just that. Passion had seen Echo mingling with more or less everyone, spending a lot of time talking with Morgan, a relatively pretty girl who had her nerdy moments.

Hope remembered her getting very excited when she had seen their technological capabilities and had, as much as neither Hope nor Echo wanted to admit, retrieved more files than Echo had ever been able to. She hadn't talked to Echo yet and she suspected that she'd find that he wasn't alone either.

She later found out that she was wrong but that didn't really matter.

2. Relationships seemed to be easily formed and quickly regretted

She only needed to look to herself for that. Passion was adamant that her and Lucas were serious.

Hope knew how bad an idea that would be; in a world like this, death was likely. Especially with what Passion had asked.

3. They needed to take risks to find answers.

Passion knew what she could really do with to analyse the cause of what she assumed was an infection. Wolf could figure out every single weakness that he could with the help of Echo's technology. Origin wanted to absolve them.

They wanted to go outside again.

They wanted a live subject.

They wanted a zombie.

Hope knew this would be a bad idea. She just hoped no one would die.

The End

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