A Night of Passion

She woke up. It had been a long night and she remembered being very tired by the end of it. She had recently realised how essential sleep was after spending her first day or two constantly awake despite the ten year slumber. She loved her double bed and got a small buzz of pleasure relaxing on it.

It was a cold morning; that seemed weird since every day had been warm. She decided to pull the bed covers onto her more and wrap them around herself. After a long hard day of working hard, she couldn't think of anything she enjoyed more than the warmth of her bed.

But she hit a snag.

Technically, the bed covers hit a snag.

She wasn't alone. There was someone else in her bed, putting pressure on the quilt that was keeping her warm. She could feel his arm lying across her bare stomach.

He rolled over, still lost in sleep. It was Origin.

Hope panicked and rolled out of bed. He stretched out his arm to help her back up.

"You alright baby?" he asked, a shiny glint in his eyes. "Coming back to bed?"

Hope got up sharply and covered herself, running into her en-suite bathroom in shame. She lifted the intercom and called Passion.

"Heya. Sorry but Passion's not here at the minute. Can I take a message?"

It was Lucas' voice.

"Yeah Lucas. Could you just ask her to ring me back?"

There was a muffled sound.

"Passion here. What can I help with Hope?"

"Can you tell me what the hell happened last night??"

"Party. Your idea. You said that we could get to know each other better. Form friendships. Get to become a real society."

"Can you tell me everything that happened?"

"Well, I suppose it all started when you found the wine cellar."

"Did I get drunk?" Hope felt like she already knew the answer.

"Yeah. I think we all did. But it worked! We're all better acquainted now!"

"I know." she said, looking back at her occupied bed. "Meet me in office room one in ten minutes. We need to talk this one through."

The End

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