Confusion over Priorities

Tristan was very very angry.

Brooke was scared. She had seen him like this before and it was beginning to wear off on her. Just like being stuck in that little alcove with him had; it had been her suggestion to move on anyway.

"Why?" he shouted.

"I don't love you anymore." She tried to sound as confident as she could.

"What has he got that I haven't?"

"He's nice to me."

"Won't you give me another chance?"

"I've given you another chance before. But you're always going to be the same person I left behind."

"It's just this world. These things!"

"You've been like this for a long time Tristan."

The two of them were alone on the balcony - everyone else had gone off to look for help except Lucas who was just inside the building, trying to find a makeshift weapon he could use.

Wolf and Origin were running quickly down yet another corridor. To the new guy, all the corridors looked the same. To Wolf, they all seemed completely different - the only problem was that he couldn't tell which corridor was which. So when they came to a fork in their path, neither knew which way to go.

"I think it's time you just grew up and moved on Tristan."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just accept it. I don't like you. I never loved you. I just took pity on you."

That was the tipping point: Tristan grabbed Brooke by the shoulders and forced her to her knees. She screamed in pain. Lucas grabbed a loose table leg and pulled at it, breaking it off easily. He ran out onto the balcony and swung the metal bar at Tristan.

The ex-army man caught the bar with outstanding strength and stopped it from flying into his head. But Lucas was one step ahead of him - he kicked him in the stomach and winded him slightly. He weakened his grip just enough to let Brooke escape. She took sanctuary behind Lucas who was still fighting for control of the bar.

"Let go Tristan!" Lucas' voice was loud and Brooke knew that she was going to be alright.

"Move out of the way! This doesn't concern you Lucas!"

"I'm not going to let you hurt her!"

Tristan overpowered Lucas and pushed him to the floor, throwing the table leg down onto him. He then lunged for Brooke.

Wolf arrived as Brooke and Tristan were fighting right by the railings. He raised his handgun and shot Tristan in the arm. As he screamed in pain, Wolf shot him again, this time in the leg.

The wounded man started to loose his balance and, with a little push from Brooke, began to fall over onto the ground below. A couple of creatures had gathered and were reaching out for him. As strong as the man was, he couldn't fight them off and was being pulled deeper into their clutches.

But he could still have his revenge.

He took hold of Brooke and began to pull her with him.

Wolf ran over and grabbed her arms and tried to pull her back.

"If I'm going to die, then you're coming with me!" Tristan shouted as he died.

They now were holding onto Brooke's ankles and were reluctant to let her go. Wolf was in a similar situation with her wrists.

"Please help me!" she screamed.

"I'm not going to let you go!"

And he didn't. But neither did they.

Wolf realised that something was wrong when he fell backwards, still holding her. But he felt blood dripping onto his feet and the floor below. He looked into her lifeless eyes and realised that something very bad had happened.

He watched Lucas look over the balcony and was sick.

The creatures were feeding. They were pulling the flesh off of Tristan's corpse but there was something else. There was part of another body there. Brooke's lower half.

Another two lost.

Wolf didn't have time to mourn - none of them did. So he picked the rest of her up from the floor and kissed her gently on the cheek before throwing her away.

The End

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