Sorting Out and Saving Society

Hope, Passion, Wolf and Echo were sat in an office.

The Compound never ceased to amaze them with its endless supply of rooms that they'd only ever need for one specific and unlikely occasion. Passion kept expecting to open a door to a swimming pool but she was never that lucky; usually it was just (still) dusty living quarters, bathrooms and the occasional empty room.

Thanks to his technical skill, Echo had managed to find an image of each of the survivors from the surveillance footage and had printed out a copy of each using a rather large, multi-purpose printer housed in a room of its own.

They had labelled each of them and had decided to discuss them and how they could benefit their small, albeit effective society.

"So, Origin." Hope began, staring at the picture.

"I don't know if I like him." Passion twisted her face slightly to show her lack of confidence in the man. "Or trust him for that matter."

"I can't seem to find his details anywhere. I could do with knowing his real name."

"I'll get it out of him." Hope offered immediately. "We formed a sort of bond the other day and it would strengthen our alliance for the leaders to know each other well."

"Leaders?" Echo questioned.

"Joint leadership will work best. So no threats Wolf!"

The butch man had remained silent up until this moment and had decided to remain like that.

"Next. Toby. You seemed to talk to him a fair bit Passion. Got anything to contribute?"

"He's innocent. He's more of a victim in this than anyone else."

"What makes you say that?" Echo seemed annoyed. "From what I've been able to understand, I have lost all of my memories, ten years of my life and have been woken up for the end of the world. Anyone I knew will be dead. Or worse. So tell me. How is he any worse off than any of us?"

This short fuse was something new; none of them had seen Echo get angry before but from this outburst, they could see he was clearly emotional and had the occasional anger issue. But his point still stood - they were all worse off than most people.

"Maybe dying would have been better." Echo said at a volume which was lower than a mumble, "That probably would have been better than living like this."

"His first encounter with a creature was at his wedding. His wife got attacked by his best man who had already turned. He had to watch the person he loved most in this world die and then become one of those things. Then he had to do what was right. He had to end her existance. The pain he must have gone through! That man killed his own wife!"

Hope looked at the emotion streaming down Passion's face.

"I never thought I'd say that as a way to support someone." she concluded. "This world had changed so much."

"At least he can remember the good times." Echo mumbled.

"Can we just keep going please?"

"Why are we even doing this?"

"Because we have just been joined by six people that none of us have ever met before and we are living in a world where death is just out the door so I think its quite important that we know we can trust these people." Hope sighed. Right so can we get through the rest now?"

The others nodded.

"No more outbursts then please."

Origin came running into the room.

"Sorry to bother you and your private club but there's a problem. Tristan and Brooke are arguing on the balcony."

"What's the problem with that?" Echo asked.

"Tristan and Brooke are lovers." Passion interjected.

"But she tried to break them off. Apparently she doesn't want to be with him anymore. She's got someone else." Origin continued.

"Who?" Hope asked, wondering if they could help.

"It's none of my group." Origin looked at Echo in disgust.

"It isn't me!" Echo objected. "I still don't get the importance" he still looked completely oblivious.

"Tristan is ex-army and is the most violent man I've ever met."

"You clearly don't know Wolf that well then." Passion murmured under her breath.

"He could punch holes in stone walls. At least he did to pass the time in the priest hole."

"So he could cause a lot of trouble." Hope said, frowning as she looked to Echo, hoping he understood.

"Especially to Brooke." Origin sounded very concerned.

"What are we still doing here then?" Wolf asked, clambering over the desk and out of the door.

"Him?!" Passion shouted in surprise.

"Evidently so."

The End

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