Surprise Ambush

Echo was bored. This new post-apocalyptic world was dull - there was nothing to do. His memory of the past was very blurred but he definitely remembered having something to do to pass the time. He could also remember being nagged about it by someone. He worried about the large gaps in his memory - he blamed the Compound and now devoted a fair bit of his time to trying to find out what happened. But the endless dead-ends frustrated him.

The furthest he had managed to get was to access the basic information on the four of them. He was especially intrigued with Wolf's. It said that the man they knew as Wolf had done some time in prison; Echo assumed that whatever he had done had given him this immense knowledge of guns that he tended to brag about. It also said that they had tried some new psychological therapy on him and it had worked and completely removed any aggressive urges. Echo doubted that it was still working.

The records gave Echo an insight into the other people that none of the others had. He knew that Wolf had tried to analyse them and Passion had spent some time trying to find out stuff by a long list of questions. Echo had decided to keep himself to himself and told no one about his past. What little he knew anyway.

He also knew how old they supposedly were - the dates of birth made him question the accuracy of the data. It said that Wolf was forty and had done a life sentence in prison. Passion was only twenty-three yet Echo thought she looked older, although he had never admitted that to anyone, particularly Passion. Hope was thirty; this was the one that Echo believed to be plausible.

The one that worried him the most was his own: he was seventeen.

He knew that if he told the others that, they would have laughed at him. He looked at least twenty-five.

But age was the least of his concerns.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hope and Passion were stood on the lower balcony just watching them. They had been initially shocked by Wolf's act of violence but now they were getting used to him and realised that he was probably right in what he did, though no one would ever point that out.

"I suppose we should go and great them." Hope said.

"I've not seen the entrance yet. Not had the courage to go there."

"Come on. You'll have to help me down there."

Passion took Hope's arm and helped her friend from the balcony, through a small maze of corridors to the large entrance hall.

"Woah." Passion said as she looked around in amazement. "It's huge!"

It looked in places like a cathedral with its high arched ceiling. It looked modern, like it had only just been built, but also like it had been weathered and aged.

Hope stood looking through the grand doors of the entrance. She could just about see Echo through the hardened glass.

He was not alone.

In the time it had taken for the women to get from the balcony to the entrance, a creature had arrived. Neither of them had their weapons.

He was on his own.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Echo hadn't noticed the fact that there was someone standing behind him. In fact, he didn't notice anything was wrong until he could hear the creature breathing nearby. He turned sharply and saw it up close. He was very scared - another emotion he felt like he was growing tired of.

The creature advanced slowly, as if sizing up its prey. Echo treated it like a wild animal, deciding to step backwards slowly. For a brief time, he contemplated playing dead but wondered what that would actually look like when he was about to be attacked by a dead thing.

Suddenly, it lunged forward, causing Echo to lose his balance and fall backwards. He could smell the rotting flesh and knew that he was going to be sick, but suppressed it, mainly due to the more pressing matter of the zombie.

It tried to scratch at Echo, causing him to defence himself poorly with his hands. He managed to kick the creature weakly in the gut, making no overall difference to his situation.

He was beginning to give up and accept defeat when he remembered that Wolf and the survivors were coming towards him. He hoped that they'd save him.

Just at that moment, the thing breathed on him; it's breath was one of the foulest things he had ever smelled. It was then that he was sick.

As Echo vomited, the creature moved back as if scared. It was unsure what was happening so it moved away from its victim and gave Wolf an easy shot. He pulled the trigger and it was destroyed, its blood covering Echo.

Wolf and the survivors approached Echo. He was covered in sick, blood, sweat and tears.

"Took you long enough." Echo said as he walked back to the Compound as calmly as he could, knowing that if he broke down in front of Wolf, he would never live it down. 

The End

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