Survival of the Fittest

Wolf was walking slowly across the barren plain. He was staring straight at the group of survivors, holding his gun straight up.

Echo was smiling. For some unknown reason, he thought he could trust these other humans. They were alive after all.

There were at least five of them; three men and two women. They were running towards them, hoping for safety. The survivors now were tunnel-visioned: they could only see Wolf and Echo and the large Compound behind them. They were so happy that they failed to keep on the lookout for enemy attacks.

Two creatures were behind them. They had also been attracted to the sound of the gunshots and were now slowly catching up on the living. At first, they just took the survivors for a group of zombies, but then they smelled the warm, living blood and realised, in their brain-dead state, that they had found a much more appetising lunch. Not that they could think.

The primal urges inside them told them to shout and run but something more intelligent suggested a much more subtle approach. They disguised themselves as stragglers from the party of survivors.

"See those two at the back?" Wolf said menacingly.

"What of them?" Echo was confused - he was getting sick of that now.

"They are dead."

"How can you tell? They just look like they're slower or something. Maybe one's injured."

"Look at them carefully Echo. The way they're moving. The main group are running like any normal human would - arms and legs. The two at the back are going much more awkwardly - their strides are unbalanced and their arms flail more than help. Injury is a possibility but not one I'm willing to take."

He raised his rifle and aimed it precisely.

Pretty much every member of the group dropped to the floor for cover. Some just kept running. Others tried to retreat and the final few decided to go to the side. The creatures kept the same path but at a much faster pace.

Wolf fired off two shots and knocked the two to the ground. Echo stood in shock, amazed at his accuracy over such a large distance. He was still stood there as Wolf began to run at an almost inhuman pace towards the group. Echo decided that he might as well stay put since they'd be coming back that way soon.

It took Wolf a minute or two to reach the survivors. He thought it best to shoot the two creatures again, completely destroying their torsos, splattering even more blood over the floor.

"I am Wolf." he said monotonously.

Everyone looked at him suspiciously before getting up and continuing to walk towards the Compound.

"Who are you?" he asked in a similar tone.

"I am Origin, our leader." One man said. He had long blonde hair which almost reached his shoulder and deep blue eyes. In one hand he carried a book and nothing in the other - probably due to the crimson bandage covering his palm.

"What sort of name is that?" Wolf asked pompously.

"What sort of name is Wolf?" Origin was clearly confident.

"It is my designation. You are not a high enough rank to know my true name." Wolf was reluctant to lose, especially to a cocky man like Origin.

"Then we're in the same boat my friend. But answer me this: do you even know your own name? Are you a high enough rank to know it?"

Wolf couldn't answer. Rather than give this man the satisfaction of winning, he changed the topic of conversation and began to move back to Echo.

"Did you not notice those things behind you?"

"No. But clearly you did. What if they had been one of us?"

"They weren't. That's all that matters."

But Wolf knew that this was completely wrong. He had spent an exceedingly long time studying these things. They were stupid, basic creatures. They acted on impulses. They had no capability for tactics. At least the ones he had seen hadn't.

Was it possible that they were smarter than he had given them credit for? Could they be smarter than him? He discounted this. He knew that he could easily outsmart one of those stupid things. Clearly, death took a lot out of them.

But one worrying concept entered his mind:

What if they were evolving?

But he knew that there was no way they could adapt that fast. Was there?

The End

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