On the Lookout

Hope spent a lot of time doing very little. Passion had insisted that she rest and recover. They'd set her up in the large sitting room area, making her sit on the sofa just looking at computer screens of everyone else do work.

They had all seen Benjamin's video now; it had shaken Passion up a lot. Echo thought it best to not show the corridor footage to her since he knew she wouldn't be able to take that. Passion's weakness was getting on Echo's nerves now - that was the problem with such a small community; they ended up just spending an excessive amount of time together.

So Hope had made a suggestion that she hoped could save them from killing each other. They now spent all of their time looking for other survivors. Echo had rigged up a few screens so that Hope could survey the entire Compound for anyone inside. He had also started to sort out cameras on the outside so they could sift through the living and the dead.

Wolf tended to stay on the lower level balcony, partly keeping an eye out for people but also taking his anger out on the unfortunate converted. Passion ran all sorts of tests throughout the day and night, taking samples of the air to check for anything unnatural. It had only taken her a few hours to figure out that the air was safe but she kept testing, partly out of paranoia.

It took a couple of days for Hope to realise how unlikely it was that they'd find someone anyone else alive. It took a couple of days less for someone to tell Passion to stop taking samples of the air. Instead, she decided to take samples of the water.

It had been about a week and they were all about to give up.

"Survivors!" Wolf and Echo shouted at the same time.

Everyone ran to the balcony to see Wolf pointing out across the barren plain. Hope then hoppled out to join them as they squinted against the brightness of the early morning sun. Wolf fired a couple of warning shots which, although attracting mindless creatures, gained the attention of a small band of living people.

They four of them smiled for the first time since they had woken up. They each picked up a gun and began to attack the creatures to clear a path for their new friends. Both Passion and Echo were shaky holding the dangerous and powerful weapon in their hands; they seemed to miss about half of their shots. Hope held a small handgun confidently but kept missing due to her inability to balance.

Worryingly, Wolf held a large machine gun and was ploughing down the creatures. He had a cruel grin on his face and seemed to be getting some perverse pleasure from this.

"Wolf you can stop now." Hope was assertive.

"I'm going out there. Welcome party and all." Wolf left the balcony and ran for the entrance.

"We can't really let him go out there on his own." Passion said, questioning why she actually cared for that angry, ignorant man.

"I can't." Hope sounded disappointed.

"It has to be me." Echo also sounded disappointed. He picked up his gun and ran after him, going at a slower pace, mainly due to the difference in fitness level and length of leg. The two women watched from the balcony as Echo and Wolf left the security of the Compound.

The End

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