The Strength of Passion

Passion didn't like Wolf.

She was a little distrubed by his apparent obsession with those blasted creatures. He had been out on that balcony for the past few hours, shooting down anything that came near. Passion had got sick of that after a couple of minutes and, although she knew that it wasn't necessarily the best of ideas, she lifted Hope up with Echo's help and carried her into the building - she had Hope's safety at heart.

They slowly carried her down the corridor and into the operating theatre, lifting her onto the operating table and letting her down softly. Echo looked away awkwardly, uncomfortable around the blood. Passion could clearly see how he felt, especially with Hope in so much pain.

"You can go Echo. Have a little look through the computers or something. I can deal with this."

Echo nodded slightly before leaving with a small smile on his face.

Passion hooked Hope up to a heart monitor despite her confidence in Hope's will to survive. She just stood and watched Hope breathe slowly. Hope was going to be alright. She went into the supply room and fetched what she needed.

When she returned, Hope was sat up, trying to stand up.

"Get back on the table Hope."

"I'm alright Passion. Well I will be."

"You fell, what? Seven stories? And you've escaped with just a few broken bones. Count yourself very lucky Hope! Now I need to sort you out first before you can go off running about. You're our leader then?"

"Apparently so. That's what Echo said at least. It makes sense really. You're the medic, Echo's our technology man, Wolf is the aggressive, military type so, since I have no other talents, that works."

"Don't be like that! Leadership takes a lot!"

"Well I'm trying my best."

"You'll be able to do even better if you let me take care of you!"

"Just give me some painkillers and I'll be out of your way."

"Don't be stupid Hope. Now I am a qualified doctor and you have broken bones that I need to fix."

Passion handed Hope a few pills.

"They will ease the pain. Now trust me and le me do my job."

"It's scary really."

"I know they are. There's something unnerving about the dead. I suppose that's why there were always so many horror flicks with them in."

"I meant what they can do is scary."

"I know! I was attacked by one of them earlier on!"

"No! I did what I did out of fear. I fell practically seven stories and I'm lucky because I've only a few broken bones. There wasn't even one of them there. Just think what would happen if you were actually faced with one."

"We're safe in here."

"How do you know that?"

"I suppose you just have to have faith. We've got the trigger-happy Wolf, the vigilant Echo and I'm sure there's someone else in here that can help us."

"Is it going to be alright Passion? Do you think we'll survive?"

"I certainly hope so."

The End

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