The Wounded Left for Dead

Wolf couldn't help but back away in fear. When he had his rifle raised, he approached the edge again. There were two creatures now, one male and one female. They were clearly dead.

Wolf knew he would feel more comfortable with only the one there so he aimed the gun at the female. He looked into her deep eyes and was disgusted by the emptinesss he saw. But that wasn't it. There was also a hunger. She reached out to take the rifle from Wolf but he was much faster; the second she moved, he pulled the trigger and ended her after-life.

Their skin was falling apart. Their entire body was broken and weak. He looked at the face of the man in disgust. There were cracks in the flesh around his cheeks where the blood had dried. His teeth were discoloured and somewhat sharper than your average person. His eyes were the same as the woman's. The only difference was that his pupils had practically disappeared. They were almost pure white.

His arms were limp and by his side. Wolf was wary that they could move their limbs despite how weak and frail they looked. The clothes were ripped and the body underneath scracthed. The fact he struggled to comprehend the most was that the flesh underneath had gone mouldy and was flaking.

He couldn't take it any longer. He shot the man.

But his shots had received a reaction from another nearby creature.

Wolf decided to test something out. As the thing approached, he shot it once in the chest.

It continued to move forward, slightly slower though. Wolf shot it again.

With each subsequent shot, the creature got slower and slower but never stopped. It seemed unstoppable. He knew that they would only have a limited amount of ammunition so he decided to just destroy it with one simple shot to the head.

He now knew his enemy.

The End

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