One True Passion

The group of creatures had dispersed now. Passion had picked up the binoculars and asked Wolf to see what was left; all he could see were her shoes.

The two decided to leave the balcony, pulling the broken door shut with them. Passion watched Wolf carefully, trying to weigh him up as they descended. He was a strong man - she could tell this from his physique. He also seemed mentally stable, unlike her. She was worried at how well he had taken what had happened to Hope - the thought of an innocent human being being ripped apart had been enough to make her sick, yet it seemed to have practically no effect on him.

He went down two steps at a time, clearly eager for answers. He didn't have much hair on his head - only a few short strands of brown stood there. He also had a rough beard, something that made Passion assume he was merely a thug.

But his voice betrayed his intellect and compassion. He had been gentle with her after her loss. He had held her hand through the tears and her hair through the sickness. In a bizarre way, he reminded her of a gentle giant, except he was much smaller than that.

He had also been judging her. He had been nice but he wasn't sure if she could be trusted. He had tried to milk her for information but since she had just seen some woman she barely knew throw herself off a seven story building down to a mob of, what he perceived as, flesh-eating monstrosities.

Her long red hair often blocked her face so he couldn't always see her as well as he hoped; he wanted to watch her speak to tell if she had any tells. So far, the crimson strands had blocked his vision of everything she had said.

They reached the bottom of the stairs and passed the corpse of Nigel. Passion briefly explained what had happened to Wolf as they looked for a way down. It didn't take Passion long to notice the newly opened doorway. She led Wolf through before turning and burying her head in his shoulder. She felt like she couldn't take any more death.

Wolf ripped part of his shirt sleeve and used it as a makeshift blindfold for her. He took her hand and led her down the corridor towards the sound of movement. He assured her that it was just the sound of their own footsteps but they both knew that it was something else. At least this way, she wouldn't see her own death coming.

He had a plan. If it was one of thoes creatures, he would use her as a decoy to make his own escape.

But something caught his eye.

It was an armoury. The room was full of guns and other weapons perfect for use against the creatures. He took her blindfold off and told her to pick something. He continued to examine all the different firearms as she picked up a simple handgun and loaded it with help from the handy 'how-to' poster on the wall. She watched him continue to caress the guns so she left in search of something more interesting.

She crossed the corridor with her eyes shut, feeling the walls for a door frame. When she found one, she finally opened her eyes and looked into the room. She smiled.

It was an operating theatre, full of medical supplies.

She did a couple of basic tests on herself to check her own health and the equipment. Very little seemed damaged although she knew that soon they'd have to venture out to replace some of it, mainly due to age.

They were both in a place of comfort. Back to where they thought they belonged.


Both ran from their room and met in the corridor.

"That was Hope!" Passion screamed with joy, running towards the noise, pulling her handgun from the pocket she had kept it in. Wolf returned to the armoury and grabbed a couple of handguns and a fully loaded rifle and followed, quickly catching up with her.

They got to the balcony at more or less the same time. Passion went straight to the body of Hope and took her pulse. She seemed relatively normal.

"What hurts Hope?" Passion was checking from broken bones and found a lot more than she hoped for.

Wolf, however, pointed his rifle at Echo.

"And who are you?"

"I'm Echo. This is Hope. She's hurt."

"It's you I'm concerned with."

"He... he help... helped me." Hope said as she tried to sit up.

Wolf looked into the man's eyes.

"I'm assuming I'm the one for logistics and technology. I also know how I can prove that this isn't my fault with the use of the cameras that are dotted around everywhere. Now Hope here is the designated leader. We need to get her some medical help."

"That's what I'm here for." Passion declared. "She'll be alright. Only a scratch."

"They are only a few metres down from the edge." Hope said.

Wolf went over to the edge and looked down, straight into the eyes of a zombie.

The End

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